PURE AND FRESH – Our Saffron is completely natural and does not contain any forms of artificial preservatives. It is 100% organically produced and carefully harvested by hand and packaged in food-safe tins for maximizing the freshness and shelf life.
100% NATURAL- No additives, artificial colors or preservatives are used in this product.
SAFFRON FOR COOKING- Saffron can be used to add amazing taste, color, and flavor to any dish. Our saffron is perfect for Tea, Soup, Pasta, Lamb or Chicken, Biryanis, cakes, Puddings, Rice, Curries, Chicken kebab, Golden Milk and any other recipes.
STORAGE- Handpicked Saffron threads, naturally dried, packaged in airtight container to preserve freshness
Healthy- Saffron is also known to be highly beneficial for the skin and mixing it in a few drops of milk and applying it to your skin can be a great home remedy.

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